The Architectural Technologists' Register

The Architectural Technologists' Register sets, assesses and monitors the competency standards for registered Architectural Technologists in the Republic of Ireland.

The Register is currently voluntary; the formation of which is supported by the Department for Environment, Communities and Local Government (DECLG). The objective of the voluntary Architectural Technologists' Register is for it to attain Statutory status and for its Registrants to be accepted as competent to provide Design and Assigned Certifier services under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014. This is a possibility as indicated by the DECLG.

The profession of Architectural Technology is essential to the design of buildings and structures and is underpinned by science and engineering knowledge to achieve optimum functionality, efficiency and effectiveness in construction and robust, durable and sustainable design solutions that perform over time.

Registered Architectural Technologist professionals are responsible for ensuring that their designs result in buildings and structures that are functional, constructed economically and perform efficiently and effectively within the context of user needs, environmental sustainability, regulatory and budgetary requirements. Registered Architectural Technologists' competence must encompass all aspects of the profession in Ireland, as well as design and compliance functions.

All non-Chartered Members of CIAT or unregistered Architectural Technologists will need to demonstrate competence to join the Register and pay a €195 fee.

For further information regarding the standards expected and the processes involved to join the Register, please download the following attachments:

ATR Code of Conduct

ATR promotional leaflet

Application to state your intent to join ATR

Professional Assessment application

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Regulatory Impact Analysis appendices

ATR Professional Standards Framework

List of ATR Registrants

ATR List of Intent