Apply to join the Shadow Register

Chartered Architectural Technologists 

  1. Provide an up-to-date CV.
  2. Pay the €200 ATR subscription at time of application (from 1 November 2023 it will be €100), bank details available from [email protected].
  3. Provide a letter from CIAT confirming they have met the Educational (Stage 1) and Practice (Stage 2) Standards as defined in the ATR Professional Standards Framework for registration and eligibility to become a Full Registrant. This letter will be automatically generated and sent to you upon submission of your CV and evidence/confirmation of the required payment to the ATR, [email protected]
  4. On receipt of a full application, the submission will be reviewed by the Admissions Board within 8 weeks.

Architectural Technology professionals/Non-Chartered Architectural Technologist

  1. Full registrant status is achieved by completing the ATR Professional Assessment, which is measured against the ATR Professional Standards Framework and reviewed by the Assessment Board.

    - Stage 1 Educational Standards -
                    CIAT Accredited Honours/Masters degree or equivalent

    - Stage 2 Practice Standards -
                   Designing, Managing, Practising and Developing(self) via assessment of work experience
  2. €195 ATR assessment fee at the time of application plus €200 (this will be €100 from 1.11.2023) ATR subscription upon successful registration (bank details available from [email protected]).
  3. On receipt of a full application, the submission will be reviewed by the Assessment Board within 8 weeks.
  4. For those wishing to join CIAT and qualify as a Chartered Architectural Technologist, MCIAT

    - Join CIAT as an Associate or affiliate here (CIAT subscription is additional to that of the ATR)

    - Demonstrate Stage 3 Professional Standards – via a Professional Interview